Thursday, 23 December 2010

The period of The Early Roman Empire in Britain

Photobucket The Gorgon at Roman Baths, England-La Gorgone aux Thermes de Bath, Angleterre

Photo Set Roman Baths UK

Photo Set Early Roman bath in UK

Shrine to a ruler at Roman Bath. Ancient Roman found in Britain. Photo by Mharrsch, 2006

Photobucket Minerva's head at Roman Baths, Bath, England. Photo by Bernard Gagnon, 2007.

Photobucket Roman Baths Bath-Spring Overflow. Photo by Andrew Dunn, 2005

Photobucket Section of mosaic floor from the Roman Baths at Bath. The main figure is a sea horse. Photo by Andrew Dunn,2005.

Photobucket Roman bath. Statues at the Roman Bath at Somerset.

The Roman baths in the city of Bath, England, seen from the upper level of the Terrace of the Victorian renovation of the site. The columns are effectively modern, but the bath, flag stones and bases to the columns are the original Roman stonework Roman Baths Bath. Photo by solipsist, 2005.

History of Roman baths in the UK

Reconstruction of a Roman Bath:

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